Feeling DISTRESSED about falling house prices and inflation?

Want a PROVEN way to make $600,000+ in property for your retirement or savings?

John’s Story

NZ Homeowner in July 1992 sold his 2 bedroom home for $100,000 and bought a 3 bedroom home for $120,000 for his growing family.

He knew the extra investment today would increase for years to come.

30 Years Later in 2022 property prices have doubled 3 times

His home is now worth $960,000 and the old 2 bedroom that he sold is only worth $800,000.

So the $20,000 extra he spent 30 years ago has created an additional $160,000 EXTRA property value appreciation.


In the long-term property, prices have doubled every 10 years. So what happens if you buy a investment worth $200,000 more in value than your current one…

In 20 years you could make an extra $600,000 in capital appreciation, TAX FREE.

If you divide $600,000 over 20 years it is $30,000 per year extra home value for you!

New Zealand House Price + Forecast

(Assuming House Prices Double Every 10 Years)

New Zealand house price forecast

5 Reasons why to make the move now:

Reason 1

Prices have adjusted 12% therefore if you are buying a more expensive home, they have come down more in value than your current investment. By upsizing your investment now you can save around $100,000 as the more expensive property has gone up in value more.

Auckland price correction

Reason 2

There are 72% more properties on the market, so it is a good time to find that dream home. (Trademe Stats 2022)

Reason 3

Property prices are still 25% higher than 4 years ago, so you are still winning when selling.

Reason 4

Banks are making it harder to get loans so get the approval now to make the move before you can’t anymore.

Reason 5

Making money in property is time spent IN the market, not TIMING the market. It is impossible to know when it goes up and down. What we do know is the longer you are in the market the more you make as prices naturally go up.

Why Ray White Manukau?

Our office is rated #1 Auction office in the country and has a 72% auction success the past 3 months. We have sold over $1.2 billion worth of property in the past 12 months.

Our Value Provided to you:

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  • Our secret list of tested lawyers, builders, renovators, and tradespeople. ($2,000)

Total Value Provided $34,000 – $104,000

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